Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 2, 2015 - Sunnyside, WA - Anacortes, WA

The sun was already up at 5 am!!! That woke us up.. There was just the semi truck and us staying overnight at Walmart parking lot.

Since we were already up we decided to get an early start on our trip to Anacortes, WA to visit and spend time with Erwin's two nieces, Cathy and Sheila (Elaine's daughters).  We took I-82 N from Sunnyside, WA.

We turned into Selah Creek rest area off I-84 at Milepost 22 near Yakima, WA.  Edith prepared a light breakfast. We had to be careful when we took a walk around the area because there was a rattlesnake warning sign.

There is a nice viewpoint at Manastash Ridge off I-82. Manastash Ridge runs west-to-east in Kittitas and Yakima counties, for approximately 50 miles. There is a great view of Ellensburg and Kittitas, WA.  Lots of wind turbines in the back of the town. Erwin made a pot of freshly brewed coffee while Edith was busy shooting pictures. 

From I-84 we got on I-90 West before we reached Ellensburg, WA, then exited to Ellensburg town.  We were able to find a long parking spot not too far from the city center, so we can walk around and checked out attractions.  

There were four roadside attractions that we wanted to see: Dick and Jane's Spot, Kitty Coyote statue at the public library, Bull Sitting on Bench and Washoe, the signing chimp. We visited Dick and Jane's Spot first, then went to Ace Hardware to pick up a wrench and a pipe that Erwin needed to fix hot water value in Lil' Home (LH). Erwin decided to walk back to LH while Edith wanted to continue her meandering to check out three more attractions.

Hubcap collection at Dick & Jane's Spot
Washoe, the signing chimp
Kitty Coyote 
Sitting Bull
We will definitely want to visit Ellensburg another time and stay a couple days to explore some more.  There are so many vintage sites all over the town.

Highway 10/97 was used when we left Ellensburg, then we turned right to 97 North.
Red barn on 97 just north of Highway 10/97

There were thousands and thousands of wind turbines in the valley.  On 97 North we are entering Wenatchee National Forest area.  The drive was lovely, but twisty!  Thick forestry.  Erwin did not like driving over 55 mph and Washington State has a law that it is illegal to hold up more than 5 vehicles behind.  This is one reason why there are several slow vehicle pullouts along the route. It was 39 miles of that before we arrived Leavenworth, WA.  We would love to come back and drive on that route again.

After leaving the twisty drive we got on Highway 2 North to Leavenworth, WA (Stevens Pass Greenway). Leavenworth is located at the base of the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains.  It is a popular year round resort-style community and has Bavarian style homes and buildings.  Many of them were very unusual and pretty. It is on our bucket list to come and spend few days here.  We stopped at RV public parking lot to fix sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch we continued trekking on Highway 2 and the drive was great! Gorgeous view of the river/rapids and the dam.  Again, twisty roads!  It was fun!!!  We had to pull over to slow vehicle pullouts several times to allow vehicles behind us to pass.

We were still on Highway 2 West when we entered Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  It started to get foggy and misty, then it rained when we approached Gold Bar, WA. 

Art truck decor and cat at decor store in Sky Valley, WA near Sultan, WA

We finally got on I-5 in Everett, WA.  The traffic jam was not that bad, but started to clear up after few miles.  It was overcast and it was still drizzling.

From I-5 we turned onto 536 to Anacortes then 20, crossed the bridge over Fidalgo Bay.  There is a campground at Swinomish Casino resort, but we wanted to check out Fidalgo Bay RV that Erwin's niece Cathy recommended. After checking out the site we decided to spend 2 nights and got site #187 (pull through).  After setting up our LH we unloaded the Jeep, drove to Mount Vernon, WA to meet Erwin's niece Sheila and to have supper with her.

Sheila said Erwin is one of the last two of 11 aunts/uncles she had not met.  She mentioned that Erwin's great nephew Tim is performing his final at the concert at 7 pm. Sheila fixed Western casserole for supper and it was very good.

After supper we hurriedly drove back to Anacortes (we followed Sheila) to Anacortes High School where the concert is held at. It was great to see Cathy, Erwin's niece (Sheila's youngest sister) and her family: Bob and Niko. Tim had a solo performance. Tim had recently won the State Championship on the Euphonium (a type of horn)! The concert lasted about an hour and half.

Tim Graffius giving thumbs up before his solo performance

After the concert we all went to Toppings for frozen yogurt treat.  We all discussed on plans for the next day while enjoying the treat.  Afterwards we followed Cathy and Bob to Fidalgo Bay RV because we were unfamiliar with the routes especially at night. Sheila came by later to check out our LH and to get stuff that her mom got for her.

It was a productive day and we were satisfied at how things turned out.  

Miles driven:
LH - 280
Jeep - lost track of it :-(

Today's route:
A: Sunnyside, WA
B:Yakima, WA (Rest area)
C: Ellensburg, WA
D: Leavenworth, WA (lunch break)
E: Gold Bar, WA
F: Everett, WA
G: Mount Vernon, WA
H: Anacortes, WA

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