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November 23, 2015 - Old Town, FL to Horseshoe Beach, FL

Oh boy! It was really cold inside the Lil Home (LH) when we got out of the bed.  It was 38˚. There was frost on the roof at Gracie & Jerry’s house.  Even all vehicles had frost!

We had coffee chat with Gracie & Jerry for a while before we left for Horseshoe Beach, FL. Edith went in the Jeep to buy groceries at Hitchock’s in Old Town and Erwin went straight to Horseshoe Beach so he can secure our favorite campsite if nobody else was in it.

Hitchock’s was crowded and Edith was lucky that it had all ingredients, but one that she needed for this week.  Only one lane was open and there was maybe 6 carts in line. They finally opened another lane.  After leaving Hitchocks she went to Walmart Neighborhood Market to get one more item (sweet peppers) and got gas fill-up while there ($1.99 pg).

Erwin’s version:
While Edith was busy shopping Erwin took the LH and headed to Horseshoe Beach. He was very nervous and worried that the spaces would be taken and there was no sites left. When another motorhome passed him, he wondered if they were trying to beat him to Horseshoe Beach, but they kept going on when he made the turn. When he entered on 8th St, he could see several campers there already but couldn’t see our favorite spot. When he entered the park, whoo, the site was empty! He hurriedly emptied the holding tanks and made a bee line to site #8. It took him several tries to be sure he was in the right spot so the shelter wouldn’t interfere with the awning and to be sure he was close enough to the power source so the electrical cord would reach! Finally everything was aligned and he put the levelers down and opened up the slideouts. It was all set up by the time Edith arrived and we high fived each other!

Edith’s version:
As Edith was approaching the city park/campground her tummy started to turn upside down because she saw few RVs parked and thought that maybe Erwin did not get the #8 site.  She let out a sigh of relief when she entered the park and saw the LH parked right there.  Whoo!!! She was so thrilled. Edith cracked a big smile when she saw EH with his big smile, too!

It was very windy and we put chairs out, but it was too cold to sit outside for long.  The water was very chopping and outgoing.

We saw about 10 eagles, some mature and others juveniles  hovering.  Great Blue Heron, Great Egret and female hooded mergansers were busy looking for food.

Two Juvenile Eagles
Bald Eagle
If you know about Edith by now you can guess that she will not stay still. She took the car and went off.  On her way to the dead end she spotted an eagle on the sandbar pecking on a piece of fish.  She pulled off at some places to take pictures.

The tide was super low and we had never seen it that low.  We could see the top part of crab traps in the water.

The wind started to die down and the water was not as choppy as it was this morning.  

Supper was ready, but Edith said she had to go out for sunset photography.  Nothing new with her going off for photography!

Several people were watching the sunset at the dead end of the town.  Edith saw a pelican sitting on a piling, walked over to see what it would look like if she took a picture of the pelican with the sun in the background.  Looks good, so she stayed and took several pictures.  There was not one cloud anywhere!

It was deep pink/orange across the horizon when Edith got back to the campground.  

The night was chilly, so we turned the heat on.

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