Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL to Orange City, FL

Another foggy morning! Third straight day… 

Around 8 am Erwin went to Publix to pick up his RX before we go out of town, but the pharmacy was not open until 9 am. Of course, he came back home without his RX, got everything set up and we finally left the house at 9:20 am. Erwin drove the Lil’ Home (LH) to Murphy USA to get diesel fill-up.  Edith took the Jeep to go to pick up Erwin's RX, then went to Southside/Tinseltown parking lot to wait for Erwin to meet here.  After hooking the Jeep to the LH we got on Southside Blvd to I-95 South.

There were lots of trucks going on I-95 North.  Few RVs were speeding by us going south.  Erwin likes to go at 55 mph, no more than 60 mph. What’s the hurry? He is retired!

We stopped at Camping World in St. Augustine, FL to get fill up on propane, and checked out the store for items we need or may need. There were few items we wanted but they will have to wait till our budget is fuller!  While we were browsing around a guy approached us and teasefully signed “Do I know you?”. It was our college classmate, Danny Owens.  We chatted for a while and he wanted to see our LH.  We give him a brief tour and he was impressed.  Danny has a motorhome, had been traveling in the past. It was good to see him.

Danny watching Erwin unhooking the Jeep before
 taking the LH to propane station
At propane station
We took a lunch break at a rest area off I-95, made grilled cheese sandwiches.  Erwin fixed a pot of coffee for us to drink after leaving the rest area.

The clouds started to turn darker. We were worried that it might rain later on, but it did not. Just light mist that did not last very long.

We debated on stopping at Gamble-Rodgers State Park for one night as we found there is an open spot but decided to pass on by 'cause the weather was cloudy and it is better to have a beautiful day there 'cause that RV park is on the ocean front!

We arrived Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, FL around 1:30 pm.  We had already reserved site #25 for 3 nights starting tomorrow night, but we were hoping that there is an available site for today. Yes, the site #25 is AVAILABLE. Yeah, that means we don’t have to move tomorrow. 

While we were waiting for the ranger to complete the transaction a couple riding motorcycles came in.  Edith could not help, but noticed how beautiful the lady’s motorcycle was and asked if she could take a picture of her.  She quickly tousled her hair and then posed for Edith.  There are fangs on the headlight! Very cool bike!

It took us a while to get the LH settled in because the parking area was not level. We had to move more than twice before we found an acceptable spot.  

There is a footpath from the campground and we took a walk to the spring where the manatees were.  We saw about 7 manatees, one was close to the deck.  There was a calf swimming closely to its mama.  The ranger said there were about 32 showing up early this morning. The gestation period of the manatees is 13 months and the calves stay with their mother for around 2 years depending on the mood of the mother.  We may try to come early tomorrow morning.

Great Blue Heron stalking
It was a very quiet night with Edith checking for places to visit for the next three days and Erwin checking his Facebook.  Of course, a visit to cemeteries is on the list.  DeLand is not too far from Orange City and we plan to visit Stetson University and downtown.  Edith found out that DeLand has two bat houses and we will check it out this week.

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