Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 2, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

It was a very cloudy and cool morning.  We had few errands to run today.

After stopping at two banks to make transactions we went to Performance Bicycle to have Erwin’s flat bike tire tube replaced.  “We can do it right away”, the sales guy said.  It took him about 10 minutes from start to finish.  A swift job!  Erwin decided to buy 3 boxes of heavy duty tire tubes for backup, since it is on sale Buy 3 Get one free.

On way home from Performance we picked up our RXs at Publix.  They are still waiting for approval from Erwin’s doctor for one more of Erwin’s RXs.

We picked up few stuff at Winn Dixie as Erwin was getting low on fruits for his breakfast.  He loves having strawberries, blackberries and banana with cereal.  

Erwin was dropped off at the house to do the laundry and Edith went to Starbucks to update travel blogs.  

The realtor emailed to let us know that one agent and his prospective client looked into our house last weekend, mentioned that the client was very interested, but was also checking out a new construction not too far from our house. We hope to hear back from our realtor with the good news soon.

We sat in the sunroom eating pizza leftovers while enjoying the back view.  We had a good heavy downpour and it lasted for about 45 minutes.  

Edith and Erwin spent the night making plans for our upcoming trip.  We made a reservation for a 7 night stay at a timeshare resort near Orlando, FL. A call to the front desk was made first before reserving to be sure that they have a parking space big enough to leave our Lil’ Home for a week. Yes, they do have it. We needed to use up remaining points before end of the year.  Edith reserved a campsite at Blue Spring State Park for 3 nights.  We have visited the state park few times, but have never camped there, so we are looking forward to the new experience.  We hope that manatees are at the spring.  They usually come to the spring beginning of November and stay during the winter months.  

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