Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 1, 2015 - Horseshoe Beach, FL to Jacksonville, FL

Oh my! It is already the first day of December.  The last month for the year of 2015. 

Today was the last day of camping at Horseshoe Beach.  We really enjoyed it so much. The town is very friendly and very laid back.  We will definitely come back here again.

Interesting cloud formation
Looks like an anvil or one of Chinese alphabets?
Road construction on Route 351
Driving on I-10 East toward Jacksonville, FL
We made it back safely to Jacksonville, FL and pulled into Lowe’s store to unhook the Jeep, so Erwin can go to Shell gas station to get diesel fill-up while Edith went to Southern Photo Tech to drop off her Canon t4i camera for repair.

The guy at Southern Photo quickly identified the problem as shutter blade that was partially broken.  He asked Edith if she did drop the camera on the ground. “No, I was shooting then it happened”, Edith explained (that was her honest response).  “The part will have to be ordered”, the guy said.  They will do the estimate then give us a call if the repair is a go or not.  We hope it will not be too costly.  

We did not feel any connection to our house when we pulled into the driveway.  Everything looked okay except the toilet seat was up (Edith made sure it was closed before  we left for the trip). The floor lamp was left on at low beam. Someone had been in the house, but did not leave any business card. We will need to talk to the realtor about it.

Our house has been on the market for 2 months.  Certainly not a great time of the year to have it listed for sale because of the holidays. People are shopping for presents and things, not houses until after January or February.  
We try to come back to Jacksonville once every 2-3 weeks to check and make sure the house is okay and to rest for few days before we camp out again.

We had not had pizza it seems for weeks and weeks, so our first stop was to order family sized pizza to go from Papa Murphy’s. Then to Publix to have our prescriptions refilled.  

We have not decided where we will camp next week, will probably decide sometimes this week.  We would like to go  further south on the east coast, maybe few days visiting Orlando and neighboring areas.

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