Wednesday, May 31, 2017

March 26, 2017 - Stonewall, TX to Del Rio, TX

Last night I told Erwin that I wanted us to be up early, go to an area not too far from here for photography of us with the wildflowers.  Well, it was already past 9 am and the sun was shining brightly.  Forget it… Next time…
After checking out of the campground we went to Fredericksburg, TX to leave the Lil' Home at Barron's Creek Shopping Center, and I dropped Erwin off at the laundromat.

I went to Der Stadt Friedhof cemetery in Fredericksburg to check out some historic gravestones. 
After the cemetery I cruised through residential areas to see if there was something interesting to see and get pictures of.  There were few.  While I was still exploring Erwin texted to let me know that the laundry was done and for me to go back to the laundromat. I was not done exploring, and I was on my way back  when I spotted a field of Texas bluebonnets at the corner of streets.  The background and the flowers were so inviting, and I thought it will make a great picture of Erwin and I before we leave the town.
After picking Erwin up at the laundromat I told him about the bluebonnets, and he agreed to go with me to check it out.  While we were taking pictures an orange cat came over to check us out.  After few snaps the cat had enough of us and went back to where it came from.
The orange cat joined in for photo op
We got on TX 16 South to get on I-10 West for Del Rio, TX.  Along the way on TX 41we saw a lot of exotic deer on ranch pastures.  The ranches offer guided hunting for exotic animals. 

We arrived Del Rio, TX around 4:15 pm. Erwin wanted to get diesel for the LH first before going to the campground.  Walmart had the cheapest diesel price at $2.33 per gal. I also got the Jeep filled up at $2 pg. 

From Walmart we went north on 90 to camp at Broke Mill RV Park (it was highly recommended by two camping websites). The office was closed, but there is a mailbox labeled 'Late Arrivals' and inside it is a brochure with the instructions on selecting any site from 1-20.

After scanning the area we chose #15 because it looked level and is at the far end from the main road.
After settling we rested and had crackers with cheese and a drink.  We had late supper. Went out for a walk but it was still hot at 83 degrees.  


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