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March 23, 2017 - Kyle, Buda & Austin, TX

The pillow alarm went off at 7 am, but I hit the snooze button 3 times (5 mins apart). 

It was overcast and the clouds were moving so fast. The weather forecast called for no rain today. It was 66 degrees when we left the campground to go meet friends for breakfast in Buda, TX. 
While on the feeder I texted Char, our friend from Washington State, to let her know that we were on way to Buda to have breakfast with her and her friends. She texted back and said it is not today, but tomorrow.  I got the calendar mixed up, but since we were already on way south we decided to explore Buda and Kyle for a short while.

In Buda, TX there is an abandoned medieval castle facade with a dragon outside. This place used to be an arcade that had the largest pinball game.  The dragon is now in a bad shape, ready to fall apart.

In Kyle, TX we checked out one interesting attraction: Big Slice of Pie - an oversized slice of cherry pie on the front top of Texas Pie Bakery. The bakery was closed when I walked up to take a peek of what was inside.  There are vintage kitchen appliances displayed on the windowsill.
Since we were not going to have breakfast with friends at Cracker Barrel we decided to try a local restaurant.  Pisces Seafood & Mexican Grill was ranked #21 out of 56 restaurants.  The interior was just ordinary and plain, nothing fancy, sort of a hole in the wall.  However, our meals were very hearty and delicious.  

On way back to Austin we stopped to visit Chapel Dulcinea that is located on the site of the Wizard Academy campus.  It is a beautiful place to visit when the weather is as beautiful as it was today.  Chapel Dulcinea is an outdoor chapel, and the wedding was about to get started when we walked up to take a look inside the chapel.  It was an Indian wedding and wedding guests were starting to arrive.  Because of the wedding we could not stay around to explore more, so we went on a short hike elsewhere.  
Inside the Welcome Center

"What are you thinking, honey?"

The Wizard Academy
Wizard Academy
There was a line on the walkway that non-members
cannot cross, so that was as far as I could to get a
picture of the statue above the entranceway
Chapel Dulcinea

Guests waiting for the wedding to begin

I was very curious about Texas State Cemetery that is located east of downtown Austin, decided to go there after we left Chapel Dulcinea.

Texas State Cemetery is at 901 Navasota Street, was built in 1851. It was added to National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  Prominent Texans and their spouses are buried there, including the former governor of Texas, Ann W. Richards, who was buried here in 2006.  Former Governor and United States President George W. Bush stated that he wants to be buried in the State Cemetery.  The cemetery was very well kept, a nice place to walk. 
Stephen F. Austin
"Father of Texas" and Founder of Texas
Ann Willis Richards, the former
governor of Texas
After texting Christy to meet us at The Zilker Botanical Garden we realized that we went to the wrong part of the park. It took us a while to figure out where the botanical garden was.  Christy was waiting for us there when we arrived.  The botanical garden is by the south bank of the Colorado River near downtown Austin,TX and is part of Zilker Park.  It was in 1955 when the botanical garden was established on 26 acres.  It has different gardens: cactus, prehistoric, oriental, rose, butterfly, herb and so on. 
Dinosaur footprint
Keyhole Architectural Wall near the Rose Garden

Christy found a 4 leaf clover and was mighty proud of it!

Christy wanted to show us some cool, interesting murals because she knew I love taking pictures of murals.  Austin has lots and lots of vibrant murals
Christy was in a mischevious mood
The most famous mural of all murals
It is at Joe's Hot Coffee at SoCo District
We and Christy had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on E. Riverside Drive. Afterwards we went out for a stroll on The Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake.  A great view of Austin skyline!  A great place for walking, excercising and biking.
Joe's Crab Shack
Austin Skyline 
After bidding Christy so long we went to get a close-up look of the State Capitol. The sun was starting to set and it cast a soft golden color on the Capitol.
Austin became the capitol of Texas in 1840
Our day was great and we enjoyed spending some time with Christy. She is a good guide, knows many places to see.  On top of that, she is a great photographer (check out her website: https://wondersofbackroads.wordpress.com)


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