Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 1, 2016 - Anacortes, WA

Erwin was up at 9 am to turn the hot water on then went back to bed until 10 am. Edith was still asleep until after 10:30 am.  She commented to Erwin that she was really very tired and her right knee was aching a bit. That was from the impact on landings during zip lining yesterday

The wind was strong this morning and the sky was filled with dark clouds.
More RVs arrived this morning and the campground is starting to fill up.  

We decided to stay put for rest of the day, but Erwin had to go to Anacortes town center to do the laundry. While he was away Edith edited some pictures, worked on the blog a bit.

Late in the afternoon we went over to Cathy and Bob’s place to meet Bob. Bob got his boat readied for crab potting. Cathy bought fish heads from the market, which will be used as bait to lure Dungeness crabs in the pot.  After checking to be sure everything is in the boat we followed Bob in his vehicle with the boat to Cornet Bay that is in Deception Pass area.    

It started to drizzle some when we got to the boat ramp.  We had windbreakers on.  Bob went to his favorite crabbing spot, threw two pots out.  On way back to the boat ramp we spotted a seal with its head peering out of the water.  Edith did not catch a photo of it.
Cornet Bay Boat Ramp
 Cornet Bay
 Deception Pass Bridge
After crab potting
Bob said we will be back to Cornet Bay Sunday or Monday to pick up crab pots.  Hopefully, each pot will be filled to the rim with crabs.  We shall see.

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