Tuesday, May 17, 2016

April 14, 2016 - Roxborough, Morrison & Lakewood, CO

We were excited about going with Carmel to Roxborough State Park, about 20 miles south from where we were. The weather looked great and perfect for hiking and photo shooting.  On way to Erwin's great niece Carmel's house we stopped by to check on the Mama owl and her owlets at Bear Creek Lake Park.

We went in Carmel's car to go to Roxborough State Park.  The view going toward Roxborough was beautiful. We could see the Denver skyline (no idea how far it was from where we were).  There was a gated community with an awesome view of Roxborough Rocks and the homes there are worth much more than a million dollars.

Denver Skyline
The parking lot was almost full, but Carmel found an empty spot to park in.  We walked to the visitor center, went inside to look around.  There were lots of information on wildlife and the rocks.  There was a board on the wall that list the sightings of wildlife that visitors reported.  None of them were seen the last couple days and Edith was hoping to see some of them during the hike.

Carmel suggested that we take the Fountain Valley Trail (2.2 miles).  We were in awe of the beauty especially when the sun shone on the red rocks.  The path was hard-packed and wide enough.  We made stops for Carmel and Edith to take pictures of the rocks.  We went to the overlook, enjoyed and admired the beauty.  Our mouths were open almost all the way from lack of air, tiredness and altitude change, but we managed to keep up with Carmel (of course, we made some stops).

Happy Hikers!
Almost can see a hand forming in the rocks!

There were 3 buildings at the half-point of the trail.  One house was built in 1836.  From there the trail was steep uphill.  We stopped once in a while to catch our breaths, to rest a bit before catching up with Carmel.

The house that was built in 1836
We took the trail to Lyons Overlook where there is an overlook deck to allow visitors to get a good view of the rocks.  Gorgeous view!  

Carmel checking out photo spots
Lyons Overlook
Carmel checked her Fitbit and mentioned to us that we hiked about 3.5 miles and we were surprised that we made it in spite of the altitude.  It was past 1 pm when we finished the hike and were hungry.  Edith told Carmel she would rather eat at a local dining place and Carmel took us to Morrision, CO.

We had lunch at The Morrison Inn (Mexican) and we all enjoyed our meals. The atmosphere was very interesting.

After coming back home from Carmel’s house Erwin took a power nap while Edith edited photos she took this morning.  Then Edith had a power nap before we went over to Carmel’s house for dinner at 6 pm.

We had a lovely time with Carmel and her family and the dinner was very good.  We discussed with Carmel about hiking at Red Rocks in Morrison tomorrow morning. 

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