Tuesday, May 17, 2016

April 13, 2016 - Lakewood, CO

Even though Edith had a good night’s sleep she woke up with a nagging headcold and was feeling worse than she was yesterday.  She decided that she was not going to go out today, wanted to stay in bed to rest.  Erwin was feeling just fine (crossing fingers that he does not feel lousy later on)

After breakfast Erwin went out for a walk after discarding trash at the dumpster.  The sky was without clouds and the weather was just perfect for spending time outside.  

Magpies are birds of the Crow family
which is considered to be one of the most intelligent
animals in the world. Its average lifespan is 25 years.
Today’s plan was to go with Carmel, Erwin’s great niece, to Roxborough and Red Rocks for photo shooting and hiking, but since Edith was under the weather the plan is scrubbed until tomorrow.

Carmel and her dog, Jeter, took a walk from her house to the campground, which is about a mile or so.  She sat with Erwin outside catching up on news, then went inside to talk with Edith, who was resting on the sofa.  Carmel stayed for about an hour and had to leave to go pick up her kids. 

Erwin took Carmel home, but showed Carmel where the baby owls were. Carmel was thrilled to see three baby owls, one was out of the nest.  

After coming back to the campground from dropping Carmel off Erwin told Edith to go with him to see the owlets .  Edith was not feeling too good, but will do anything to go out if there is photo shooting opportunity.  

While we were watching and shooting the owlets a lady drove by, got out and checked through the binoculars. She found where the Mama was, showed Erwin where to find her.  The Mama was not too far from the tree where the owlets were, but there were too many branches in front that it was hard for Edith to capture a clear image of her.  We stayed there for about half an hour before the sun started to get in front of the camera.  **Photo tip: Always have the sun behind your back, not in front, when shooting pictures.

The clouds have been interesting this afternoon, changing colors, shapes, etc.  It was fun to check them out from time to time.

Timelapse Cloud Formations

Edith started to feel a tiny bit better, but was still sneezing a lot.  She thought she will be feeling good enough to go out with Carmel tomorrow. Let’s hope so!

A very quiet night after supper.  Cloud watching, surfing the net, checking emails, etc.

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