Monday, May 16, 2016

April 12, 2016 - Lakewood, CO

When Edith woke up she knew she was going to be exhausted and sick today.  She did not take care of herself when she was at Little Miss Colorado pageant event last weekend.  She did not eat properly or drink enough water for 3 days.  She did not think to slow down, take time-out to nourish herself.  That is the price one gets if not taking care of oneself.

Edith took Ibuprofen, drank a lot of water. She decided she was not going to do anything, but rest.  

Erwin went biking for 45 minutes, but found himself out of breath due to altitude.  The farthest he biked to was the Visitor’s Center. 

Even though she was still under the weather Edith was determined to drive to the kiosk to check on the owlets.  However, she was disappointed there were construction trucks parked there and the road was being repaved.  Edith managed to find a spot large enough for the Jeep, took out her tripod and camera with the zoom lens.  She was a bit worried about all the noise and distraction that may scare the owls away, but the Mama cannot move them, so has to stay where they were.  

The Mama was nowhere to be seen.  When we checked with the Visitor’s Center the other day we were told that there were 2 owlets, but Edith was surprised to see the third one in the back inside the hollow nest. 

And there are THREE!
The storm clouds started to roll in constantly, changing shapes and colors. It was fantastic to watch them.  We could see the rain clouds over the mountains.  

We did not go anywhere rest of the evening, so Edith can get some rest.  

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