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August 28, 2016 - Anacortes, WA

This morning the weather was gloomy, but at least it did not rain.  Nothing special on our agenda and we decided to just go about the town of Anacortes, checking out few places.

Before heading to Anacortes town center we stopped at Moka Joe Coffee Shop to get coffee.  
This is the miniature toilet that customers
can drop $ in for tips
There is a scenic overlook on Highway 20 and we pulled into it to check out interpretive signs and to take a close look at a tree slab that was on display.  The overlook was blocked by a lot of trees and there was not much to see of the bay. Anacortes, WA is in Skagit County on Fidalgo Island.  The town was incorporated in 1891.  It has 11.75 square miles of land and has ferry services.  It is a popular destination for boaters and those traveling on to the San Juan Islands. 
A 970 year old Douglas Fir Tree Slab that was brought
in from Olympia National Forest
The tree once stood at 242 feet
We checked out Cap Sante Marina and there were lots of boats at the docks.  There is a paved walkway to stroll about at Seafarers Memorial Park.  The statue of the Lady of the Sea is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to the sea. We stayed a while to enjoy the view of the boats going out/coming in, watched the seagulls in flight.

Salmon Trash Can
The Lady of the Sea statue depicting a woman and a child waiting for the return of the seafaring ones
Watched this yacht come in and fill up on fuel, Erwin was curious and went to ask how much fuel it holds.  He was told it held 2500 gallons and they were able to cruise all the way to Alaska and back and were refueling here.
Seagull in flight

Erwin checking out spots through spotting scope

Erwin knew there is a deaf school near the marina, decided to look for the building and found it.  Salish Sea Deaf School was established in 2015.  Erwin's niece, Cathy, was one of the three people who founded the school.  Currently, it has 9 deaf students.
Anacortes has over a hundred murals throughout the town. The project was started by Anacortes Renaissance and Revival Confederation. The purpose of having murals was to explain the history of the locals who once lived in the town.  Bill Mitchell, the mural artist, did over 150 murals.
Rudy Milland, the Banjo King (1916-2002)
This is one of hundred murals all over the town
We went to Cap Sante Park to get a better view of Ancortes.  There were people running model vehicles on the rocks.  It was fun watching them in action.  Edith has always wanted to have a model airplane or a vehicle operated by remote control, but she is not going to get one!
View of Cap Sante Marina and Anacortes from the other side
It looks like a life sized Jeep, but it is not
View of Padilla Bay
We went to Washington Ferry Terminal to get information on ferry tickets to go to San Juan Islands.  After talking to the agent for information and how to obtain tickets Edith looked up the website on her IPad, booked tickets for August 31.  It was $63 for 2 persons plus the Jeep.  Then she booked a zipline tour with Zip San Juan for 2 pm on the same day.
Washington Ferry Terminal
After leaving Washington Ferry Terminal we explored the neighboring areas, checked out one campground (not suitable for big rigs like ours).  It started to rain a bit, so we headed back to Swinomish Casino/RV Park and rest for the rest of the evening.

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