Monday, September 26, 2016

August 26, 2016 - Buckley, Wilkenson, Carbonana & Kent, WA

The sun was already way up at 45˚ when we arose at 8:15 am. The sunrise/sunset timetables are so different from here and Florida because of the location.  

Erwin decided to have $6.99 classic breakfast at KOA Kamper Kitchen/Pancake station. While Erwin was enjoying his breakfast Edith prepared sandwiches, packed some snacks to take along for our meandering trip today.

After looking at the map we decided to go to on backroads through the towns of Buckley, Wilkenson and Carbonana, WA.  

We stopped at Coffee Pot Coffee House on A Street in Auburn, WA.  Interesting coffee pot-shaped drive thru shop.  There was a long line of cars waiting to order drinks.  
There were few hidden gems along the way.  Edith spotted many old/abandoned 1950s automobiles parked inside a field with ivy grown almost all over them. They were near Buckley, WA.

Along the way Edith spotted a nice looking barn with a silo near Buckley, WA. 
There were lots of old/rusty cars covered with vines in the fenced lot not too far from the barn Edith took pictures of.
One Eyed Jack
There were lots of old/rusty cars in the field
While on the road Edith texted back and forth with Paul, a deaf photographer living in Seattle area, to make arrangements for us to get together for photoshooting tonight. Check out his photos at and SmugMug.

We kept on driving and driving until we came to a dead end of a road past Carbona Ranger Station, could not get a better view of the mountains. After reaching the dead end we turned around and went back.  
One Lane Bridge 
After we left Mount Rainier we took a different route to go back to Kent, WA.  We stopped to check out Carbonado Cemetery that was established in 1880.
Instead of going back on the route we took this morning we took a different way back to Kent, WA. We checked out Olson’s Meat & Smokehouse in Enumclaw, WA and sampled original and teriyaki beef jerky. We both liked the teriyaki kind, bought two packages. While there Edith finally found a good spot of the mountains, although they were not sharp and clear.
The bull is a FAN of the Seahawks,  See the 12th man number!
Mount Rainier as seen from Olsen's Meat & Smokehouse parking lot
We stopped at Wally's Drive-In in Buckley, WA after Edith spotted a sign advertising Peach Shake. We both got regular sized shakes. Oh my, they were so delicious and there were lots of peach bits in the shake.  Now we wished we had ordered a large one!
We came back to KOA very tired, but content.  We rested a while before Edith got the supper started at 5 pm.  Paul suggested to meet us at a gas station in Burien, WA at 6 pm.

After picking up Paul we headed to Kerry Park Viewpoint on Corner of West Highland Drive and 2nd Avenue West to get a great view of the Seattle skyline.  There were lots of people taking pictures there.  Paul said for us to come back here after the dark.
Space Needle
Seattle Skyline
Edith & Paul
Seattle Skyline in the background
Paul suggested to go to Shilshole Bay Marina for sunset photoshooting.
Leif Erickson, the first recorded Scandinavia/European
to set foot on North American shores
We drove to Discovery Park Lighthouse, also known as West Point Lighthouse on Seattle's West Point area. Paul wanted to teach Edith how to do light painting with steel wool and LED lights.
We went back to Kerry Park Viewpoint for night shooting of the Seattle Skyline. Of course, there were lots of people there and it was hard to find an available spot, but Paul found one for Edith to set up her camera gear.  For some reasons, Edith's old camera was not taking sharp images of the skyline. After several shots there was only one fairly good shot. So disappointed with the outcome Edith put away her camera gear.
Seattle Skyline as seen from Kerry Park Viewpoint
After having visited certain places we brought Paul back to his apartment, thanked him for his time to go with us for the night. Paul wanted to meet with us again next year and we certainly will.

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